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About 17 years ago, in February 1999 a business idea was born, the intention was to realise copies of frescoes by several artists. Gianni Mazzoran and Marco Gelmetti, on the advice of a friend Giovanni Antonini, decided to take advantage of the experience they had accumulated in the work of restoring antique plaster on the walls of old buildings, bringing them back to their original state. The difficulty in reproducing faithfully, designs that were often extremely complicated, convinced them of the need to find a way of transferring them using the tracing or stenciling technique, something similar to what the artist used to mark out on the plaster the outlines within which he would then spread the colours.


The Technique

These substances are mixed by hand, adding the water necessary for the texture required little by little, until a ‘honey-like’ consistency is reached.
The next day, when the ‘Arriccio’ has lost about 90% of its water, creating the basis through which it will literally attract the second layer of damp material, one layer of fine plaster is spread, prepared by mixing very fine grained cement with lime and a small quantity of plaster of Paris until the smoothest possible surface is obtained.
The artist, once again using natural pigments diluted in water on his palette and adding a small percentage of resin to guarantee that they amalgamate with the basic colours, goes over the design and the hues by hand heightening the contrast, bringing out the detail and the highlights, so as to reproduce to as near perfection as possible, the actual appearance of the original work.

Our collection finds in “Classicism” its inspiration for the selection of its subjects and the techniques for their execution.